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Awards Ceremony for 2014 Campaign

The 2014 North Coast Combined Federal Campaign (NCCFC) Awards Ceremony took place on January 28, 2015.  This year’s theme, “Give for Good” helped the campaign raise over $2,000,000, to help others.   The efforts of the Local Federal Coordinating Committee, CFC Chairperson, Federal Executive Board, Organization Chairpersons, Loaned Executives, Keyworkers, workplace managers/supervisors, and workers within the Federal community were instrumental in generating the funds that will help many lives in our area and around the world.   On behalf of the many who will be helped, we send out another sincere, heart-felt “Thank YOU!" 

Awards in several performance categories were presented.  Most of the category names are self-explanatory; however, the Gold/Silver Awards are based on very specific criteria.  Select a category below to see the winners for 2014.

100% of Campaign Goal
100% Participation Recognition
Gold/Silver Awards
Director's Awards
Chairperson Awards
First-Time Achievement Award
Above and Beyond Recognition

 100% of Goal Awards - 2014
This award is given to those agencies who have met or surpassed their monetary goal.

1. Congresswoman Marcia Fudge Office 
2. Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Parks
3. Department of Agriculture FGIS - Toledo
4. Department of Housing and Urban Development
5. Department of Labor - Office of Worker’s Compensation
6. Department of Labor – Wage and Hour Division
7. Drug Enforcement Agency - Toledo
8. Elkton Federal Correction Institution
9. Environmental Protection Agency - Westlake
10. Export Assistance Center
11. Federal Aviation Administration - ATCT/ Toledo Express Airport
12. Federal Aviation Administration – FSDO North Olmstead
13. Federal Aviation Administration – Hopkins ATCT
14. Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
15. Federal Public Defender Office
16. Federal Trade Commission
17. Food and Drug Administration
18. General Services Administration
19. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
20. Internal Revenue Service – Akron
21. Internal Revenue Service – Erie
22. Internal Revenue Service – Office of Chief Counsel
23. Internal Revenue Service - Youngstown
24. Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
25. Marine Corps Reserve Center - Erie
26. Marine Safety Unit - Toledo
27. Military Entrance Processing Center
28. National Labor Relations Board
29. Navy Criminal Investigative Service
30. Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Erie
31. Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Toledo
32. Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing - Toledo
33. Ohio Army National Guard
34. Office for Civil Rights
35. Office of Labor Management Standards
36. Office of the Solicitor
37. Office of the U.S. Attorney
38. Railroad Retirement Board
39. Small Business Administration
40. Social Security Administration
41. Social Security Administration - Office of Disability Adjudication  and Review - Akron
42. Social Security Administration - Office of Disability Adjudication and  Review - Cleveland
43. Transportation Security Administration - Akron
44. Transportation Security Administration - Cleveland
45. Transportation Security Administration - Toledo
46. USDA Rural Development
47. U.S. Bankruptcy Court
48. U.S. Postal Inspection Service
49. U.S. Postal Service - Cleveland
50. U.S. Postal Service - Erie
51.  U.S. Postal Service - Office of Inspector General
52. U.S. Postal Service - Toledo
53. VA Medical Center - Erie 

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100% Participation Awards
This award is given to those agencies where every employee has filled out a pledge card to donate to the campaign.

1. Navy Criminal Investigative Service
2. Railroad Retirement Board
3. U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General


 2014 Gold/Silver Awards
Awards will be given based upon "potential" participation. Potential is defined as one percent of agency payroll. An agency is deemed to have achieved Gold award status if they have donated 50 percent (.5 x potential 1% x payroll). Silver award status is determined to be 35 percent of potential. If an agency did not report their payroll, they cannot be considered for this category.

There were no recipients for these awards this year.

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2014 Director's Awards for Excellence
Director’s awards are given by the Loaned Executives for outstanding effort to agencies that they have worked with during the campaign.

1. Congresswoman Marcia Fudge Office
2. Comptroller of the Currency
3. Defense Contract Audit Agency
4. Defense Contract Management Agency
5. Defense Finance and Accounting Service
6. Department of Housing & Urban Development
7.  Department of Labor – Energy Compensation
8. Department of Labor – Office of Worker’s Compensation
9. Department of Labor – Wage and Hour Division
10. Drug Enforcement Agency - Toledo
11. Elkton Federal Correctional Institution
12. Environmental Protection Agency
13. Federal Aviation Administration - ARTCC Oberlin
14. Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
15. Food and Drug Administration
16. General Services Administration
17. Health and Human Services – Office of the Inspector General
18. Internal Revenue Service – Akron
19. Internal Revenue Service – Cleveland
20. Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
21. Marine Safety Unit - Toledo
22. Military Entrance Processing Center
23.  NASA Glenn Research Center
24. Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Toledo
25. Office for Civil Rights
26. Office of Labor Management Standards
27. Office of the Solicitor
28. Office of the U.S. Attorney
29.  Office of the U.S. Trustee
30. Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing
31. Ohio Army National Guard
32. Railroad Retirement Board
33. Social Security Administration - Cleveland
34. Social Security Administration - Lakewood
35. Social Security Administration - Office of Disability Adjudication &  Review - Akron
36. Social Security Administration - Office of Disability Adjudication & Review - Cleveland
37. Transportation Security Administration - Akron
38. Transportation Security Administration – Cleveland
39. Transportation Security Administration – Toledo
40. U.S. Coast Guard Ninth District
41. U.S. District Court – Northern District of Ohio
42. U.S. Postal Inspection Service
43. U.S. Postal Service – Akron
44. U.S. Postal Service – Cleveland
45. U.S. Postal Service – Erie
46. U.S. Postal Service – Toledo
47. U.S. Postal Service – Office of Inspector General
48. VA Medical Center – Erie
49. VA Regional Office


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2014 Chairperson Awards
The Chairperson Awards are selections made by the CFC Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson from written narratives prepared by the Loaned Executives highlighting superlative campaign efforts.  There is generally only one winner from each of four groupings based upon size, specifically the total number of employees. The winning organizations are: 

Group Size

Winning Organization


Drug Enforcement Agency - Toledo
Environmental Protection Agency
General Service Administration
*Office of The Solicitor
*Railroad Retirement Board
US Postal Service - Office of Inspector General


*Department of Labor – Office of Worker’s Compensation
Federal Public Defender - Cleveland
IRS Toledo/Lima
SSA Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Cleveland
Office of the US Attorney


Elkton Federal Correctional Institution
Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing
*Social Security Administration
Transportation Security Administration
US District Court

Big "11"

Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
NASA Glenn Research Center
*US Postal Service Cleveland
*US Postal Service Toledo
VA Medical Center Erie

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First-Time Achievement Award
This is an award we give to agencies who have participated in their first North Coast Combined Federal Campaign.

1. Army Corps of Engineers - Toledo
2. Department of Agriculture FGIS - Toledo
3. Department of the Interior - Toledo
4. Drug Enforcement Administration - Toledo
5. Federal Aviation Administration ATCT/Toledo Express Airport
6. Federal Bureau of  Investigation - Toledo
7. General Services Administration - Toledo
8. Internal Revenue Service - Toledo/Lima
9. Lakewood Joint Recruiting
10. Marine Safety Unit - Toledo
11. Navy Operational Support Center ~ Perrysburg
12. Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Toledo
13. Office of Congresswomen Marcy Kaptur
14. Office of the U.S. Attorney - Toledo
15. Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing - Toledo
16. Ohio Air National Guard 200th Red Horse - Toledo
17. Transportation Security Administration - Toledo
18. U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Toledo
19. U.S. Postal Service - Toledo
20. U.S. Secret Service - Toledo
21. VA Medical Center - Toledo

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Above and Beyond Recognition
Above & Beyond awards are given by the Loaned Executives for outstanding effort to individuals that they have worked with during the campaign.

Comptroller of the Currency
Linda Tulaba

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge Office
Beverly Charles

Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Jared Brewer

Elkton Federal Correctional Institution
Jason Gregory
Neil Houndesheldt

Environmental Protection Agency
Cher Benisek

Defense Contract Audit Agency
Connee Choi

Defense Contract Management Agency
Karla Piatt

Department of Agriculture FGIS - Toledo
Martha Carver

Department of Labor – Energy Compensation
Erin Hejduk
Amy Zenobi
Department of Labor – Office of Worker’s Compensation
Keturah Johnson
Lisa Sanders

Drug Enforcement Administration
Amy Stearns - Toledo

Federal Aviation Administration - FSDO/North Olmstead
Juilo Galarza

Food and Drug Administration
Laureen Geniusz
Judith Klein

Health and Human Services – Office of Inspector General
Cathy Hanselman

Internal Revenue Service
Dennis Chassee - Lima
Marisha Hileman - Toledo
Luanita Humphrey - Akron
Rozelle Williams - Independence

Louis Stokes VA Medical Center
Bruce Bartley
Bruce Biro
Andrea Freeman
Bruce Kafer
Valerie Koerschner
LeShelle Reese
Malinda Roberts
Murial Robinson

Military Entrance processing Station
Jeffrey McDaniels

NASA Glenn Research Center
Andrea Bonesteel
Dawn Pottinger

National Labor Relations Board
Laural Wagner

Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Toledo
Beverly Toy

Office of Civil Rights
Deborah Kamat

Office of Labor Management Standards
Paula Pavelka

Office of the Solicitor
Crystal Allen

Office of the U.S. Attorney
Nora Mauk - Cleveland
Diane Sackett - Toledo

Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing
MGST. Jason Mims

Ohio Air National Guard 200th Red Horse
TSgt. Adam R. Whitaker

Ohio Army National Guard
Sgt. Benjamin Embreus

Railroad Retirement Board
Niaunda Curtis

Small Business Administration
Tim Ensch

Social Security Administration
Isidro Garcia

Social Security Administration - Office of Adjudication and  Review
 Virginia McCaskey - Cleveland
 Linda Slaby - Akron

Transportation Security Administration
 Judith Cooke - Toledo
 Vanessa Guarnera - Cleveland

U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Toledo
Melinda Hutton

U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit - Toledo
LT. Ryan Junod

U.S. District Court Northern Ohio
Kay Hooper

U.S. Postal Service
Tonya Cunningham
Keith Dulin
Antoine Echols - Toledo
Kimberly Harris
Victoria Hering
Ron Holman - Erie
Loraine Malone
Bernice Mazeke
Pam McIlduft - Youngstown
Kim Mills
Lori Oberc
Terrlynn Odom
Alicia Rauckhorst - Akron
Lisa Smith - Toledo
Reginald Truss - Toledo
Laurie Wrobel
Gary Wyatt - Akron

VA Medical Center - Eire
Stacy Farrell

VA Medical Center - Toledo
Mary Cherry

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