North Coast Combined Federal Campaign 


Find answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the North Coast Combined Federal Campaign.

If your question is not listed below, you may also wish to browse through the online version (PDF format) of the Contributor's Guide for additional information about the North Coast Combined Federal Campaign. If your question is still not answered, please contact us at

Q: If I elect to donate by check, to whom do I make out the check?

A: All checks must be payable to "CFC" or "NCCFC" (North Coast Combined Federal Campaign).

Q: Can I designate funds to more than 5 agencies as provided on the pledge card?

A: Yes. You can designate more than five agencies by using an additional pledge card(s). The total contribution on each pledge card must match the total donation for the (up to five) agencies on that particular pledge card. Additionally, please note that some Federal Agency payroll systems will only permit you to donate to five CFC Agencies through payroll deduction. In this case, additional designations beyond five should be made through cash or check contributions. Please contact your local Federal Agency's payroll department to verify their policy regarding the number of CFC Agencies to which you may designate through payroll deduction. For those with an online pledging capability, options may differ.

Q: Is the first agency listed in "ALL" categories in the Contributor's Guide considered a federation?

A: Yes, the first agency listed is a federation.

Q: On the "Introduction" page of the brochure, it is indicated that "Contributions designated to a federation will be shared in accordance with the federation's policy." If you designate the 1st agency listed (federation), will a portion of the donation be distributed to every agency in that federation?

A: The answer to this question is the statement from the Contributor's Guide, "Contributions designated to a federation will be shared in accordance with the federation's policy". For each federation policy, you must contact the federation directly.

Q: How are un-designated funds distributed?

A: Funds contributed to the CFC, but not designated to a specific organization or federation will be distributed to all organizations in the CFC brochure in the same proportion that was contributed in designations. Any organization that does not receive designated contributions will not receive un-designated funds.

Q: I wish to donate to the same organizations as last year. Can I just use the same Agency code numbers?

A: Beginning September 2007, all charities participating in the CFC have been assigned a new five-digit CFC code by OPM. Do not use the former four-digit codes. The new five-digit codes will remain the same for future campaigns. 

Q: When contributing to the CFC last year, I checked the box that says, "I do not want my name and address released to the voluntary organization(s) I have designated." Later, I received letters from the agencies that I donated to, thanking me for my donation. Why has my name been released against my wishes?

A: First, on behalf of the CFC and United Way Services, please accept our sincere apologies for this error. Of course, there isn't anything that can be done to fix this error at this point. Please be aware that this was not an isolated incident, but wide-spread. The PCFO (Carol McClain and United Way who runs CFC for the government) switched over to a new computer system in 1999. The format of the output from this system was not anticipated. It included the list of people who did not want their names released, but did not include any address information. These lists were then forwarded to the agencies. The agencies, in some cases, apparently looked up addresses for these names (many used the address of the contributor's federal employer) and sent them thank you letters. We have been assured that this problem has been resolved, and it should not happen again.

Q: If a formula is used to allocate money among agencies, and my and others designated contributions exceed the allocated amount, what happens? Does the designated agency get all the money or just the allocated amount?

A: There is no formula used to allocate money. Designated agencies get whatever amount is designated to them. The United Way Campaign (and probably others like it) has in the past, and probably also this year, allocated funds and guaranteed a certain minimum to its member agencies out of its campaign. The Combined Federal Campaign does NOT do this. Only those agencies that are designated by individuals receive funds and as mentioned above, they receive them according to the designated amount, not an allocation.